The Malaysian Society for Microbiology is one of the oldest Societies in Malaysia and was established through the efforts of its pro-temp members forty years ago. Today the Society remains one of the oldest and largest life science membership organisation that has members from over 20 disciplines of microbiological specialization such as infectious diseases, recombine DNA technology, alternative methods of energy production and waste recycling, new sources of food, new drug development, the etiology of sexually transmitted diseases, agro-disease control, bio-based energy resources and products, among other areas.

Microbiology is also concerned with environmental problems and industrial processes. This Society that started with a small number of Microbiologist in its initial years today boast a life membership of 174 members, not including ordinary members, student members, affiliate members and associate members of this Society.

Eligibility for Life Membership is open to any person who is interested in microbiology and holds at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in microbiology or related field and should have been an ordinary contributing member of the Society for three years. Many members hold advanced degrees, including a large number at the master's, PhD, DrPH and MD level. Diploma holders in related fields may also apply to be considered for membership.

The Malaysian Society for Microbiology is a member of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) since 2006 and in 2010 we have also been admitted into the membership of the International Union of Microbiology Societies (IUMS).


Malaysian Society for Microbiology’s mission is to advance microbial research in Malaysia for knowledge acquisition, development and utilisation in the improvement of worldwide well-being in health, environment and economics. We endeavor to achieve the above mission through:

  • Support programmes designed to train and educate students, researchers and general public;
  • Dissemination of scientific research conducted by the Microbiology Community through publications, seminars, meetings, and workshops;
  • Promote the contribution of Microbiology through research, resource sharing, collaboration and training;
  • Recognise achievement and distinction among its practitioners;
  • Implementing safety and ethical standards and codes befitting of a professional scientist.

The Code of Ethics for the Malaysian Society for Microbiology is defined by the mission of the Society which is to promote the utilisation and advancement of microbial research and knowledge to support the overall well-being of man and environment. While these goals are in place to enrich and empower the community, the Society demands that its members remain honest and truthful in all activities supported by the Society.

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